Exploring our Intuitive Wisdom


We are already wise and knowing...if you know how to look.

So often we look outside of ourselves to get answers to our dilemmas; to experts, friends opinions, books, facebook even... and more often that not, we are left none the wiser and maybe even more confused. There is nothing wrong with looking in these places but if we do so without any capacity to check with our own knowing or wisdom, then we run the risk of being spun about all over the place... so where is our own knowing in all of this? How can we access it? And what does it have to do with being in nature?

What I am calling "intuitive wisdom" is really something very everyday, or at least it begins that way. Both these words "intuitive wisdom" carry a kind of mystique with them, as though only belonged to special people, but each and every one of has access to it, why? Because you have a body! That's the doorway.

An everyday example of this is when you have been niggled or bothered by a conversation with someone but don't know why. Every time you think of it or mention it, you feel the same discomfort and unease... "Something was not right" you say. But it's hard to know why. Is this a thought? No, it's your body or bodily (or you could say a deeper knowing) telling you something was "off" in some way. On the other hand, when a decision feels just right, when we hear a word that really fits how we feel, when we are inexplicably moved by a story or film... Each of these is a deeper YES inside of you - something that the body knows and says when we meet what is really true for you.

Sadly though, many of us have forgotten how to access this, we miss that subtler sense inside, we override it with others voices and opinions, we are too busy to stop and even pay attention, we ignore it because it doesn't fit our plans... But the quiet wisdom remains. Our deeper, more
soulful knowing about our life goes unheard. This is the place in you that knows what you are truly capable of, this is the place in you that knows how to heal from your wounding, this is the place in you that knows what is most valuable for you. It is a knowing that is beyond our everyday strategic, linear and digitally overloaded mind. It is ancient, embodied and wild intelligence that holds both everyday treasure about small decisions to deep and profound knowings about your direction and calling.


All we need to do to start is to get curious about our bodily experience. We sneak beneath the radar of our conscious planning mind, let go of our stories and notice how we actually are in our direct and present bodily experience. This body is of course an entirely natural process, there is nothing linear or digital about it at all. It sounds funny to say, but we can often forget we are a living organic being. We have forgotten we are a living process! We have forgotten the wisdom that our wise animal nature has.

Wild animals haven't. Take trauma for example. Wild animals naturally shake off life threatening experiences, yet humans, well modern disconnected humans have forgotten how to do this. We try and ignore it or try to talk it away but this gets in the way of a more natural process. So being in nature helps us to remember. Well I would say it actually re-connects us to this experientially. We live and feel the way our body naturally is. We connect once again to ourselves, the miraculous living process that is being human. More mysteriously though, by becoming more in tune with our bodies in nature, we also begin to sense a conversation. Just as we can listen inside to our inner wisdom, we begin to see it outside of us in the natural world. We see it all around us in living symbols that speak to how we feel inside. And even more of a mystery, the natural world begins to speak to us.

In the words of John 'O Donahue: "When we approach with reverence great things decide to approach us. Our real life comes to the surface and its light awakens the concealed beauty of things. When we walk on the earth with reverence, beauty will decide to trust us."


In the film Tawai by Bruce Parry, indigenous forest dwellers speak about how they "hear" the forest speak to them through their bodies and hearts. We too have access to this knowing. We too may learn to hear that voice.

On our Intuitive Wisdom retreat (31 May - 3 June 2018) we will learn through simple exercises and processes how to access this wisdom, and apply it in our everyday lives. We will open our bodies and minds to the wisdom that the natural world holds and points to. We will begin to re connect with our ancient and indigenous knowing. And we will hear the forest speak through our hearts. Above all, we will look inside ourselves for the answers that we seek.


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Andy Raingold