A DAY TO revive and reconnect with purpose



A beautifully immersive day in nature for Pukka people to: decompress and revive; reconnect with purpose; live and breathe the Pukka Wisdom Seeds; deepen personal connections; celebrate, feel valued and appreciate one other. The programme has been carefully designed to balance rest, recuperation and celebration, with an exploration of personal and organisational purpose. The original Chrysalis programme provided time to immerse yourself in the extraordinary environment of the Eden Project, to learn about and discover more of your and Pukka’s future place in the world. Chrysalis Evolves is the next step in that journey - a chance to revive those threads of enquiry and deepen your personal connection to nature and purpose, in a beautiful natural spot closer to home.

the next step of your chrysalis journey


“As a vibrant, fast-paced community, Pukka can often be an intense place to work, full of change and challenge amid a world of unceasing transformation and increasing uncertainty.

In order for you to thrive as a vibrant, purposeful individual in this fast-paced environment, we have to continuously ensure you have a chance to cultivate and nourish your connection with your own sense of purpose.

This way your unique purpose will remain aligned and energised in your personal and professional life.

One of our passions is for us to explore how Pukka can nurture its culture inspired by the wisdom of nature; we want you to explore how you can lead your life connected with the wisdom of nature.”

Tim and Sebastian


  • Understand how much you are valued at Pukka

  • Develop a clearer sense of what feels meaningful to you

  • Understand how you shape Pukka through your sense of purpose

  • Build deeper connections with your colleagues and the natural world


  • Exploring your purpose through solo and groups practices

  • Sensory awareness and nature connection experiences

  • A chance to unwind and reconnect

  • A special lunch with foraged treats

practical info

DATES: Friday 28th June / Thursday 4th July / Friday 5th July / Friday 5th September / Thursday 19th September / Friday 20th September.

TIMINGS: Arrive at meeting spot 8.30am, depart 6pm.

TRAVEL: Under your own steam. Our meeting spot (Church Lane, Chew Stoke, BS40 8TU) is a 30 minute drive, 45 minute bus journey (672 bus) or 1 hour cycle from Temple Meads. Meet on the lane outside St Andrew’s Church. From there we will have a (very beautiful) 30 minute walk to the site.

WHAT TO BRING: You’ll be spending most of the day out in nature so check the weather forecast in advance and be prepared with layers (so you can warm up and cool down), windproof and waterproof outerwear (including waterproof trousers if you have them), water bottle, your Chrysalis journals and a pen.

DIGITAL DETOX: You will be invited to put your phone in a box for the day to ensure no interruptions. Please ensure that you have made appropriate arrangements and put your out of office on. You can share our numbers with friends/relatives so that you’re contactable in the case of an emergency (Chloe - 07802447288 / Andy - 07547654445).



One powerful gateway for delving into your sense of purpose is by reflecting on your life experiences to date and bringing them alive through stories you tell. In advance of this day, we invite you to create 4 personal stories based around the following key themes: 

  • When I was young: Think back to your childhood. Before you knew about the ‘right’ or ‘expected’ thing to do. What did you love? What did you enjoy spending your time doing and where were you at your happiest?

  • Sparking my interest: Forget Pukka for a moment. Outside of work, what do you most enjoy doing? What about this energises you, makes you tick or sparks your interest? What got you interested in this? Has there been a significant or special moment as you’ve explored this interest?

  • The challenge that shaped me: Think about your life in general or your career so far. When have you faced a real challenge? Why was it so tough? Did it challenge your skills, values or identity? Were you with people or in a place that you found difficult? What did you do and how did that challenge shape you? How did it change how you see yourself? How did it redefine you?

  • My success story: Think about your career and your life outside work. When have you been really successful and thriving or at your best? Why were you so successful? What motivated you to achieve these things? Why did it make you feel proud?

Each of your 4 stories should take about 5 minutes to tell, and relate to a situation or experience that has really helped to shape your life and who you are. Please come prepared to share your stories with other members of your “Chrysalis Evolves” group.

Great companies are created by the people that work for them. It begins with their dreams and how they see the world. It takes shape in their ambitions and their day-to-day actions. Inspired companies are created by people who want to make a difference and who play the long game by giving their small actions big purpose.
— Pukka

the facilitators

Change in Nature was created by two senior sustainability professionals who after many years of working to influence business and policy in Westminster, went on personal journeys in nature to renew their sense of purpose and drive. They set up Change in Nature to support other professionals to reenergise, reconnect and create change in their spheres of influence. Over 200 professionals have participated in their programmes and regular collaborators include Jonathon Porritt, Giles Hutchins and Jamie Catto.  


chloe revill

Chloe helps professionals to build deep mutual understanding, and rekindle their energy and drive. She is an international climate change diplomat and public policy strategist, who has worked closely with Government Ministers and senior negotiators from a wide range of developed and developing countries. As well as running Change in Nature, she consults for leading think tanks such as E3G, the European Climate Foundation and Mission2020. In 2014 she worked for 3 months with a Namibian tribe - an experience that culminated in her running a week-long camp with 12 young bushmen in Bwabwata National Park.

Andy headshots_011.jpg

Andy Raingold

Andy is a coach, speaker, mindfulness practitioner, environmental campaigner, outdoor facilitator and social entrepreneur with a wealth of experience leading people through transformation. As Executive Director of the Aldersgate Group for over seven years, he worked in the corridors of power with CEOs, Government Ministers and thought leaders to drive UK and EU policy change. As well as hosting talks, workshops and retreats in the UK on nature, purpose and leadership, he has run a 2 month programme with indigenous communities in Namibia and a 2 week retreat for a "nomadic classroom" in the wilds of Sweden. He has written for the Guardian and been interviewed on BBC Newsnight, The Sunday Times, BBC Radio 4, The Independent and Guardian Environment Podcast.

our hosts: Change in nature

Change in Nature is a social enterprise that runs leadership and personal development programmes in the expansiveness of nature, with full focus and no tech interruptions. We have developed a powerful process to help people reconnect with purpose, build strong personal connections, and significantly enhance their motivation and vitality. Over 200 individuals from a wide range of well known institutions have benefitted from our professional programmes:


Feedback from our professional programmes in 2019:

  • 100% felt more connected to their peers

  • 100% felt more connected to their sense of purpose

  • 100% felt a greater sense of general wellbeing

  • 94% felt the experience helped them to access fresh perspectives and insights

  • 94% felt less stressed and more connected to the natural world

  • 88% felt more inspired and creative

I just love the way that Change in Nature have designed a range of different experiences, adventures and challenges in the natural world for all-comers - be they deep ecologists or city slickers!
— Sir Jonathon Porritt, Author and Environmentalist

location: strode valley organic farm

A beautiful woodland and wild flower meadow in northern Somerset, 10 miles south of Bristol near Butcombe. There is a sheltered roundhouse with living roof, compost toilets, outdoor kitchen and a private woodland with river running through (as well as a stunning waterfall a few minutes walk away). This site provides a rare escape from busy, high-tech living. 

What an amazing, unique and strong place... I will keep coming back to this as a source of inspiration.
— Corporate Sustainability Manager