I felt comfortable, yet my boundaries were stretched.

For those seeking to fulfil their full potential, Andy will help you identify, create and sustain personal and professional change. It is not about giving advice - it is about helping you to uncover your own deeply held values and motivations, unlock limiting assumptions and fulfil your highest aspirations. This involves seeking new insights and guidance in response to the important questions in your work or life and then setting a number of stretching goals that we work to achieve over a number of sessions. As part of this process, Andy offers coaching in nature which can help to provide creative inspiration, shift perspectives and connect to the bigger picture in the current challenges you are facing.

Andy is a life coach, mindfulness practitioner and leadership facilitator with a wealth of experience leading people through transformation. As Executive Director of the Aldersgate Group, he has worked with a diverse range of executives to drive change, with clients including the following major brands:

A calm, conscious and skilled coach.
I’ve already recommended Andy to one of my best friends, which I think speaks for itself!
— Helen, November 2017


"You have helped me to recover and create time for myself. This is part of getting healthy and regrowing out of burnout and finding a new way of thinking about success and achievement."

"You have given me the time to strip back what is unnecessary and reflect on what is important. It’s given me perspective on where I am now, on my goals, my identity and my relationship with my surroundings... A never ending inspiration!"

"You have helped me create the change in my life I so needed and the courage to keep this journey evolving."

"Thank you for helping me to find my way back to myself after a rocky and confusing few months... This has made me whole again."

"You have helped restore a sense of balance and perspective for me. It’s reminded me of what I need to do and helped me find a broader context."

Caring. Supportive. Challenging.
— PAUL, JULY 2017