A sensory exploration of deep time which combines science, imagination, meditation, movement and nature connection

SATURDAY 27TH OCTOBER (10am - 5pm) 


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The Deep Time Dive is an opportunity to dive deeper into nature, to learn from its wisdom, to find a sense of connection, and to awaken delight and gratitude. My needs for connection, belonging, love, sustenance and trust have been fulfilled.


We exist largely within a human scale of time. Days, weeks, and deadlines – decades and generations. Rarely do we attempt to comprehend the context of the timescales of the earth which is vast, complex, and full of unknowns. By shifting our perspectives in this way, we come into deeper connection with ourselves and nature.

This workshop is a sensory exploration of deep time which combines science, imagination, meditation, movement and nature connection. As part of this workshop, experience the 4.6 billion years since the formation of our home to the present day in 46 minutes with each minute representing 100 million years. 

Cost: £40.  Bring and share lunch. 

For more information contact Hawkwood College (Call: 01453 759034 or Email:

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andy raingold

Andy is a coach, speaker and facilitator. He hosts nature awareness, leadership, sustainability and mindfulness retreats and workshops, to bring about transformative change. He has trained extensively in these areas with Cambridge University, Schumacher College, The Living Leader Programme and Sussex Wildlife Trust. He works with professionals, businesses, charities, colleges, private clients and children. He also offers his skills internationally, and in 2017 ran a 2 month programme with indigenous communities in Namibia and a 2 week retreat for a "nomadic classroom" in the wilds of Sweden. Previously, he was Executive Director of the Aldersgate Group, working with CEOs, Government Ministers and thought leaders to drive action for a more sustainable world.

A wonderful, nourishing, revitalising experience, which anyone will leave feeling more in tune with themselves and our natural world.
Thank you so much for getting me back out to nature and for making me realise how tiny and how powerfulI am. I felt the curve of the earth beneath my back and wriggled my toes in Antarctica.
Thank you for giving me time and spiritual science on a different level to anything I have experienced before. Keep up your incredible work.
I feel very nourished, connected to the land and my soul. I am very inspired, happy and touched to be part of this special moment in human history.

hawkwood college

This retreat is a collaboration with Hawkwood College,  an educational charity based in Stroud which brings together people and organisations in support of creative endeavour, a flourishing society and a sustainable environment.

Address: Painswick Old Road. Stroud. Glos. GL6 7QW