embodied tools to navigate ECOLOGICAL breakdown


You can avoid reality. But you cannot avoid the consequences of avoiding reality.
— Ayn Rand, Writer

facing reality

With so many experts warning of ecological breakdown, many of us are experiencing a profound loss of confidence in our way of life and fear for what the future holds. It often feels too depressing to talk about and we can feel like giving up and turning away. Yet the greatest danger of our time is perhaps the deadening of our response. This course explores how by facing the realities of our time, we can strengthen our resolve, empower our actions and deepen our aliveness.  The intention is about activating our hope – not for what is most likely to arise but by becoming active participants in brining about what we hope for.

Why participate?   

Many of us are feeling overwhelmed and confused but it’s hard to know what to do about it. In response, we often either turn away or dive straight into action without seriously confronting our reality and giving enough space to feel into our emotional and intuitive response. By finding the courage to turn towards the mess we are in with a like-minded community, we can empower our response in a more authentic way and build personal agency for our creativity, gifts and action.

This course invites you to ask what does ecological breakdown mean – not for the world – but for your life, work and relationships? How is it impacting you? What happens when you take it in? Through the embodied and experiential practice of “Focusing”, both in groups and pairs, it will help you to explore your inner landscape and provide you with a number of tools to both meet the challenging feelings and responses that come, as well as find new ways to find a deeper and more intuitive response to our times. It will help you navigate through stages of grief for what we should be prepared to lose and stages of empowerment for how you can find meaningful ways to act and be.

how it works

There are seven weeks, each of which will be 2.5 hours online (via zoom) and involve both group discussion and practices in pairs. In between sessions, there will be invitations that will help you connect to nature and your inner wisdom, as well as carefully curated content (videos, articles, etc) from thought leaders such as Satish Kumar (Founder, Schumacher and Resurgence), Jem Bendell (Deep Adaptation), Joanna Macy (Author) Jonathon Porritt (leading environmentalist and author), Clare Dubois (Founder, Tree Sisters) and Mac Macartney (Founder, Embercombe).

 By the end of the course you will have:

  • A better understanding of the ecological crisis and what it means for you personally

  • Learned how to meet the range of emotional responses, including grief, denial, anger, numbness and overwhelm

  • Learned new ways of dealing with uncertainty and complexity

  • Developed new skills to listen to your body, building your mindfulness and inner awareness

  • Learned tools to meet different parts of yourself that might be in conflict

  • Found doorways to intuitive knowing

  • Connected and listened deeply to the natural world

  • Be supported and inspired by a like minded community

who is the course for?

  • Anyone who is worried about ecological breakdown but finds it hard to look at and engage with it

  • Anyone wanting some extra tools to support you in your engagement with the reality we face

  • Activists who might want a more embodied way of working with emotional responses

  • Anyone looking for a more heartfelt, congruent and embodied response to our times

Thank you for inviting and leading us to that place of energy and courage. I have opened up and listened like never before, and I am taking this flame with me for all humankind.

Course dates and Outline

Seven Thursdays (7pm - 9.30pm)

Session 1: Focusing on ecological breakdown. Overview of the current reality and exploration of your emotional response.

Session 2: Exploring the inner landscapes. Inquiry into different ways of knowing, what resources us and on being with and not identifying with our feelings.

Session 3: Turning away. What are the consequences of turning away, why we do it and how we can have more compassion for ourselves?   

Session 4: Facing fear and uncertainty. What happens when fear gets triggered, and how we can address ‘not knowing’?

Session 5: Connecting to Grief and Gratitude. Honouring what is lost and appreciation for all that we have.

Session 6: Aligning with your Inner Truth. Exploring our inner compass and activating hope and resilience. 

Session 7: Stepping into Action. Developing a vision to go forward in a way that is authentic and empowered.

free seminar

We are offering a free introductory seminar on Tuesday 23rd April (7pm - 8.30pm)

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who are the facilitators?

Peter Gill.jpg

Peter Gill

Peter has been teaching Focusing since 2005 and is fully qualified with the British Focusing Association (BFA) and the Focusing Institute in New York, teaching individuals, groups and also mentoring others to teach. He is also a qualified Somatic Experiencing practitioner (an embodied approach to healing trauma). He is passionate about sharing accessible and embodied skills that lead to well being, fulfilment and transformation. Previous to this training, Peter spent 12 years practising and teaching awareness and meditation skills to groups and individuals in a Buddhist context. More recently he completed a foundation course at Schumacher College (Devon) in environmental education. 

Andy headshots_011.jpg

andy raingold

Andy is a coach, speaker and facilitator. He hosts nature, leadership and mindfulness retreats and workshops, to bring about transformative change. He is a trained Work that Reconnects facilitator and hosts regular Active Hope workshops in collaboration with Extinction Rebellion to help activists connect to their emotional response to today’s challenges. He also offers his skills internationally, and in 2017 ran a 2 month programme with indigenous communities in Namibia and a 2 week retreat for a "nomadic classroom" in the wilds of Sweden. Previously, he was Executive Director of the Aldersgate Group, running various environmental campaigns to drive action for a more sustainable world.


Thank you for helping me to find my way back to myself after a rocky and confusing few months


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concession places

We want to ensure that this course is inclusive and that anyone can attend, regardless of your finances. So if you would struggle to pay the low income rate, please get in touch and we can seek to offer further concessions.

Thank you for providing me with the space, guidance and grace to be able to take that deep breath and look. Know that you have helped me create the change in my life I so needed and the courage to keep this journey evolving.