A magical long weekend for the whole family exploring nature and the history of life under the stars

Dartmoor National Park (2 hour 30 minute train ride from London)

This retreat has been filled with magic. I fully appreciate what you created for us.
— Annabel, JULY 2017

deep family time

Blending science, imagination, sensory awareness, mindfulness and storytelling, this camp offers families a unique opportunity to let go of the present day and enjoy a deep, shared experience exploring nature and the evolution of life. Together we will journey through our planet’s 4.6 billion year life story, while settling in to a simpler rhythm, living as a tribe. The weekend is also a chance to unwind and recharge before September - so there will be plenty of time for wild snoozing, free playing and savouring those last lazy hours of summer.


On Friday we welcome you to our remote woodland camp, feed you a tasty fire-cooked meal, and invite you to start letting go of the present day (including by safely locking your phones away!). This starts the process of travelling back beyond the very brief existence of our species, Homo Sapiens, and into the vast epochal cycles of Earth’s big history. On Saturday and Sunday there will be a range of practices and experiences on offer to help us enter more deeply into this sense of perspective and to explore our common evolutionary history with all of life. We will also learn skills that were vital to our ancestors' survival, like fire-lighting and shelter-building using resources foraged from the land. Monday is a reflective day, giving us a chance to share what we have learned, gather our belongings and slowly come back to human time. 

This camp provides families with a rare escape from busy, high-tech living - with phones locked away and no 4G, electricity or running water on site. Our light comes from the fire and a smattering of solar lights, and our water for cooking and washing is fetched from the stream. The site is both expansive and contained, allowing both children and adults to roam safely without the risk of road traffic. It is one of the only places we've found in the south of England that is untouched by light or sound pollution from roads or nearby towns.  


learning experience 

As well as lots of fun, this is also a unique, experiential learning opportunity based on forest school principles. Here is what children (aged 8-10) had to say about our Deep Time workshops:

We went from being asteroids crashing into the earth to fish swimming in the sea. Thank you. It was amazing.
We went back 4.6 billion years and discovered how we were made and the earth was made.


  • Exclusive use of a remote and ancient woodland in Dartmoor National Park

  • 9 freshly prepared, healthy and delicious meals, all cooked over the fire

  • A very special evolutionary banquet with stories under the stars

  • Guided mindfulness and Qi Gong movement sessions (for adults) to bring you back into balance

  • A variety of multi-sensory exercises to reawaken the senses and deepen your connection with the natural world

  • Opportunities to practice and be mentored on wild camping and bushcraft skills

  • Forest school activities for children

  • 4 day digital detox – phones locked safely away

  • Space to connect deeply with other families and make meaningful friendships in a short space of time

  • Comprehensive insurance and peace of mind from having outdoor first aiders on site

  • An abundance of nature, from the single celled to the wild Dartmoor pony!


A wonderful, nourishing, revitalising experience that anyone will leave feeling more in tune with themselves and our natural world. I can’t think of a single way in which it could be any better.
— Andrew, OCTOBER 2017



bursary places

We offer a few bursary places for this camp so do get in touch to find out more.