Illusion of Separation Workshop

"The deeper we look into nature, the more we realise that nothing in life is separate.  Everything is in dynamic interplay. Separateness is an illusion we have created which has fast become a dangerous delusion infecting how we think and act."

Time: Sunday 4th December, 10am - 5pm
Location: Stancombe Valley near Stroud, Gloucestershire
Price: Voluntary Donation 

Join Giles Hutchins (author of The Illusion of Separation) and Andy Raingold (co-founder of Change in Nature) with like-minded kindred spirits to explore our relationship with nature, our connectedness, and our illusion of separation - including its relevance to the challenges we face both as individuals and communities. The workshop will include an exploration of the root causes of separation - a journey of discovery from ancient wisdom across the centuries right up to the present day - open discussions around a fire and experiential practices to help us deepen our connection with the natural world. The location is a safe and sacred woodland in the lovely Stancombe Valley in the heart of the Cotswolds around a big central fire with magnificent oak and beech trees. 


Endorsements for The Illusion of Separation

"This is a powerful and timely work that asks the most important question of all"
Tim Smit, KBE, founder of The Eden Project

"Well written, well researched and full of insight, this book will open your heart and mind to a deeper way of being in the world"
Stephan Harding, Head of Holistic Science, Schumacher College, author of Animate Earth

"The Illusion of Separation took me on a roller-coaster journey of ideas, distant memories, broken dreams, and new horizons. He has spread a map at our feet and dares us to look."
Tim Mac Macartney, Founder of Embercombe


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