A safe space to turn dormant dreams into reality, dare to do, become a fire starter, and unleash the potential in all our lives

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Chloe, Andy & Sam held the space with so much support and inspiration, providing us the opportunity to safely express and explore our creative forces and passion projects. A magical experience.
— katie, June 2017

become a fire starter

Everyone has a great idea bubbling away inside. Something that we would love to do if we had a bit more time, a bit more space, or a bit more courage to make it happen. It might be connected to your day job, such as a new app, a social change project, a disruptive innovation or simply breathing new life into the morning by starting each day with 5 minutes of music blasting through the office sound system. It could be a very personal passion, like building your own canoe and paddling it down a river from source to sea. Or it might be a vision for how to enrich your community, like tearing down the walls between terraced gardens and creating a wild urban corridor for kids to run barefoot and free.  

This retreat is about bringing such ideas to life - turning dormant dreams into reality, daring to do, becoming a fire-starter and unleashing the potential in all of our lives. Sam Moyo, Founding Mother of Morning GloryVille, will share her 8-step process for bringing passion projects to life, with the Change in Nature team interweaving wild experiential practices throughout.

You will leave feeling nourished, grounded, inspired and invigorated – with greater clarity around your passion project and a reserve of unstoppable energy to get it started. You will also leave resourced and supported by a new community of fellow fire-starters, who will help you keep the spark alive once the camp is over.

A part of me has rebirthed thanks to you guys. Thank you for your support, love and wisdom, and for facilitating a space where transformation could take place.
— Rocio, June 2017
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By the end of IMAGINE you will have:

  • Connected with a deeper sense of purpose, giving you clear direction and drive
  • Built resilience and courage to overcome any lingering doubts
  • Explored and received key entrepreneurial tools and techniques
  • Set realistic goals and built an ongoing support network to hold you to account
  • Learnt to build, grow and develop a strong community around the project
  • Developed compelling communication and active listening skills
  • Nurtured your connection to natural world as a source of authenticity and strength
  • Formed strong bonds with a like-minded community of fellow fire-starters
  • Grown in confidence and optimism, and be raring to go!


This retreat combines 8 wisdom-packed workshops led by Sam Moyo, with a number of complementary experiential practices led by the Change in Nature team. Together we will explore the “8 Cs” that are fundamental to bringing a passion project to life: concept, community/connection, courage, collaboration, conflict, commercialisation, consciousness, and commitment.

Set on a wild, remote and off-grid spot in the heart of Dartmoor, you can rest assured that there will be no death by PowerPoint here! For moments of group enquiry we will gather under ancient beech trees and around the crackling camp fire… but much of our time will be spent delving into these questions alone and in smaller collectives, sitting quietly by the babbling stream, around fires we have ignited ourselves, or on overnight solos under the stars.

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Samantha moyo

Samantha Moyo is a social entrepreneur who specialises in community building, innovation and culture change. She designs future focused campaigns with positive social impacts and is the founding mother of Morning Gloryville. Morning Gloryville is a social movement that pioneered the morning dance industry and has grown a community of 190K millennials globally. The pioneered conscious movement has won the award of best Zero-Alcohol initiative in the UK in 2016. The company has featured in over 3,000 press articles worldwide and Sam offers consultancy to clients including, Unilever, Heineken, and Samsung.



  • Exclusive use of a wild and remote site in Dartmoor National Park, with cosy, covered spaces and a hot woodland shower
  • Immersion into an 8-step process for bringing passion projects to life
  • Facilitated discussions, workshops and experiential practices led by Sam and the Change in Nature team
  • Formal community support networks put in place for when you leave
  • Freshly prepared, healthy and delicious vegetarian meals - all cooked over the open fire
  • Optional meditation and movement practices
  • Opportunities to practice and be mentored on bush-craft skills
  • Night-time stories around the fire
  • Bottomless supplies of tea, coffee and tasty treats
  • A very special foraged feast
  • 4 day digital detox
  • Comprehensive insurance & outdoor first aiders on site
  • The world’s best woodland swing!
The creation of nourishing meals, tender spaces and pure truth in conversation must have taken enormous energy. To share so openly and vulnerably must have taken enormous courage. Thank you for inviting and leading us to that place of energy, that place of courage. I have opened up and listened like never before, and I am taking this flame with me for all humankind.


Low income places

Subject to there being a sufficient number of standard rate bookings, we offer some concessionary places on our retreats. To help us provide these places, we invite you to lend us a hand in exchange for the reduction in participation costs. This can include arriving a bit earlier or leaving later to help with camp set up and pack down, or helping to cook dinner on the first night. You might also think of other ways to offer your skills and experience to support our work. Please get in touch and let us know what might be possible.

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