insanely gifted goes wild

unlock your CREATIVE potential with catalyst, musician AND mischief maker Jamie catto

Sunday 2nd September (5pm) to Tuesday 4th September (5pm) 2018

At secret wild spot 10 miles south of Bristol

Jamie Catto is kind, wise, open, boundlessly energetic, optimistic and passionate. I adore him.
— Stephen Fry


Want to wake up that fire in your belly? Unleash your full potential in life? Then go for the full immersion. Get Jamie Catto-ed in the wild. This retreat offers you a very different experience to one of Jamie's urban weekend workshops, where you return home or to a hotel at night. It is a one-of-a-kind opportunity to benefit from Jamie's insights in a totally immersive and pristine environment, away from the distractions of normal life. Last year we hosted Jamie's Transforming Shadows workshop, and I think it's fair to say that it blew our retreaters' minds! This year we're teaming up with Jamie again and hosting his Insanely Gifted workshop in the wild.

Insanely Gifted: Turn Your Demons Into Creative Rocket Fuel

Open the channel to direct inspiration. There’s enormous potential available to tap into, which is way beyond our usual thinking minds. When we access it we reclaim and reignite 100% of our creative power. On this retreat you will:

  • Rediscover techniques and paths for effortlessly accessing the imagination and creation realms
  • Reclaim and unleash hidden parts of yourself to release untapped resources of innate, playful genius
  • Dissolve anything and everything in the way of your clear creative channel
  • Increase confidence and sense of personal power in ALL areas of life
  • Free yourself from any imprisoning or limiting beliefs which have held you back
  • Laugh so tenderly with your humanity that old depressions and emotional pressures fall away

Why a wild retreat instead of an urban weekend workshop?

  • Arrive the night before and lay the groundwork, making space to reflect and set intentions around the fire
  • Unwind and get into a more receptive state for change, starting the day with sunrise Qi Gong among the trees
  • No stressful commute to and from the venue - just a beautiful stroll from your tent
  • Stay totally present and undistracted - this is a fully contained, off-grid experience, with your phone locked in a box (digital detox)
  • No meal planning or last minute overpriced-sandwich buying necessary - we'll sort you out with hearty, healthy, fire-cooked meals
  • Space to roam wild and free during breaks and let it all sink in
  • No need to suddenly "return to normality" at 6pm - you can remain open, in a safe group of fellow retreaters until the very end
  • Supplementary nature connection practices offered by the Change in Nature team, as well as evening stories around the fire
  • Rare chance to practice "living as a tribe" and really connect with others who are asking similar questions of life

...warning, prolonged exposure to Jamie Catto could blow your mind...
— The Daily Telegraph


Jamie Catto runs personal development workshops worldwide. His teaching builds on his own experience of overcoming creative hurdles, and provides techniques that invite everyone to fulfil their potential. He was also founding member of dance mega-group Faithless and acclaimed global music and philosophy project 1 Giant Leap. The first 1 Giant Leap project was nominated for two Grammys, sold over 300,000 albums and won numerous awards globally. The greatest hits album from Faithless was the fastest selling dance album of all time.

change in nature team

Andy and Chloe. For more details, click here.



In essence: everything (accommodation, food, workshop, and more)...

  • Exclusive use of a wild site just 10 miles south of Bristol
  • Facilitated discussions, workshops and experiential practices led by Jamie Catto and the Change in Nature team
  • Freshly prepared, healthy and delicious vegetarian meals - all cooked over the open fire
  • Optional meditation and movement practices
  • Opportunities to practice and be mentored on bush-craft skills
  • Night-time stories around the fire
  • Bottomless supplies of tea, coffee and tasty treats
  • A very special foraged feast
  • Digital detox
  • Comprehensive insurance & outdoor first aiders on site

I am changed by the last two ridiculous and beautiful days. Thank you.
Thank you for providing me with the space, guidance and grace to be able to take that deep breath and look! Know that you have helped me create the change in my life I so needed and the courage to keep this journey evolving.

Testimonials from our collaboration in 2017

Thank you! The setting, the structures, the food, the tea, the wisdom, the sharing, the laughter. I felt comfortable, yet my boundaries were stretched.
Thank you for having the courage of your conviction and doing what you do - for holding, creating and making the space for others to step into in order to play, explore, be and do. Invaluable fodder for the stuff of life.
Thank you for a wonderful experience. I will never forget about this. No complaints, just lots of love.