'insanely gifted' and 'mojo blast'

unlock your creative potential in the wildwith catalyst, musician & mischief maker Jamie catto

Jamie Catto is kind, wise, open, boundlessly energetic, optimistic and passionate. I adore him.
— Stephen Fry

go deep, go wild

Join us for this unique opportunity to go deep and experience Jamie Catto's internationally acclaimed workshops in the wild.


insanely gifted and mojo blast together (2nd - 6th September)

This is a unique opportunity to experience two retreats back-to-back and spend a whole five days immersed in deeper and intimate connection with yourself, others and the wilds. It is the ultimate extended programme to become the best version of yourself, unhindered or blocked by limiting beliefs, old habits, small thinking or past failures. The aim is to re-ignite drive and purpose, demystify what’s going on and make clear steps to create the next chapter of your life.

full immersion: Dartmoor national park (2h30m train from London)

By coming into the wilds, it is a very different experience than coming on a weekend workshop in a city and going home or to a hotel in the evening. The location allows for a much more intimate exploration of yourself and builds deeper connections with your newly formed tribe. In the morning and evening, there will be practices led by the Change in Nature team that help you unwind, reconnect and come alive; as well as plenty of time to gather around the fire at night under the stars to feast together and share stories and songs. 

INSANELY GIFTED (2nd - 4th September) 

Open the channel to direct inspiration. There’s enormous potential available to tap into which is way beyond our usual thinking minds. When we access it we reclaim and Reignite 100% of our Creative Power. On this retreat you will:

  • Rediscover techniques and paths for effortlessly accessing the imagination and creation realms
  • Reclaim and unleash hidden parts of yourself to release untapped resources of innate, playful genius
  • Dissolve anything and everything in the way of your clear Creative channel
  • Increase confidence and sense of personal power in ALL areas of life
  • Free yourself from any imprisoning or limiting beliefs which have held you back
  • Laugh so tenderly with your humanity that old depressions and emotional pressures fall away

mojo blast (4th - 6th september)

Take Life, Work and Creativity To The Next Level For This New Chapter

Has someone turned up the volume on Life? It feels like the voltage has been upped and the very experience of Life is both more challenging and more full of potential. Greater challenges which require me to be on top of my inner and outer game, and greater need for Presence as the path of my life takes its ever increasingly unexpected twists and turns.

As this new chapter begins I want to optimise all the key areas of my life and make sure I’m harvesting my potential in all areas. So for MOJO BLAST I’ve created a full weekend of bringing the main 7 key areas of Life up to the next level of potential and sustainability, both in my inner life and my missions and projects out in the World.

1. MIND: Clear practices to stop overthinking and exhausting yourself strategising and controlling in such a futile fashion but use your innate intelligence to bear real fruit.

2 ROOTS: Create enough habits of self-care to not be so triggered so often, to not be so distracted, so that you can be present and available in the moment to be inspired and have the energy to act on that inspiration.

3. DEMON TRAINING: Efficiently use the unruly characters that live in your head as illuminations and harvest their powers instead of ’suffering them’ and being dragged down.

4. SUSTAINABILITY: Learn how to get the support you need in healthy ways and to know where to get it, which of your usual avenues are habitual but ineffective and which are useful and nourishing.

5. EGO BALANCING: Readdress your relationship with solitude, addiction and depressive or anxious tendencies.

6. EMBODIMENT: Learn how to meet each challenge in the body as well as the mind and how to free yourself from unconscious beliefs and patterning which create so much limitation and stress.

7. INSPIRATION: Flick the switch into the kind of spaciousness and presence which allows you to channel your best Creativity effortlessly and enjoyably instead of slave driving the unequipped intellect to do your creative work for you.

Thank you for providing me with the space, guidance and grace to be able to take that deep breath and look! Know that you have helped me create the change in my life I so needed and the courage to keep this journey evolving.
— 2017 Participant




Jamie Catto runs personal development workshops worldwide. His teaching builds on his own experience of overcoming creative hurdles, and provides techniques that invite everyone to fulfil their potential. He was also founding member of dance mega-group Faithless and acclaimed global music and philosophy project 1 Giant Leap. The first 1 Giant Leap project was nominated for two Grammys, sold over 300,000 albums and won numerous awards globally. The greatest hits album from Faithless was the fastest selling dance album of all time.

change in nature team

Andy and Chloe. For more details, click here.

...warning, prolonged exposure to Jamie Catto could blow your mind...
— The Daily Telegraph


  • Exclusive use of a wild and remote site in Dartmoor National Park, with cosy, covered spaces and a woodland shower
  • Facilitated discussions, workshops and experiential practices led by Jamie Catto and the Change in Nature team
  • Formal community support networks put in place for when you leave
  • Freshly prepared, healthy and delicious vegetarian meals - all cooked over the open fire
  • Optional meditation and movement practices
  • Opportunities to practice and be mentored on bush-craft skills
  • Night-time stories around the fire
  • Bottomless supplies of tea, coffee and tasty treats
  • A very special foraged feast
  • Digital detox
  • Comprehensive insurance & outdoor first aiders on site
  • The world’s best woodland swing!
I’m changed. Thank you. I’m inspired by all of your passions, which led to me being part of the last two ridiculous and beautiful days.
— 2017 Participant
2 - 4 September
from 250.00
4 - 6 September
from 250.00
2 - 6 September
from 400.00

Low income places

Subject to there being a sufficient number of standard rate bookings, we offer some concessionary places on our retreats. To help us provide these places, we invite you to lend us a hand in exchange for the reduction in participation costs. This can include arriving a bit earlier or leaving later to help with camp set up and pack down, or helping to cook dinner on the first night. You might also think of other ways to offer your skills and experience to support our work. Please get in touch and let us know what might be possible.

We want these programmes to be 100% inclusive, so if the low income rate is still more than you can afford, let us know and we can see what we can do. 

secret Location: Dartmoor national park (2h30m train from London)

We use a secluded and magical 62 acre woodland in Dartmoor National Park which is exclusively used to rewild nature and rewild people. The woods is rich in natural habitats, in badger setts, deer beds and fox dens, including an ancient beech grove, spruce forests, hazel coppice, wild flower meadows, stream and mixed broadleaves. The site is home to an abundance of wildlife and rare birds, including nightjar, wood pipits and the mythical white deer. It is the ultimate escape from modern living with no electricity, road noise or 3G, and replaced with a sky full of stars and the sound of birdsong all around and owls calling at night.   

We create a temporary village with fire pits, sheltered spaces, compost toilets, camp shower and wild camping spots to provide an authentic, yet comfortable, experience in nature. We cook all our meals over an open fire, provide a smattering of solar powered fairy lights and fetch our water from the stream. At the centre of it all is the Lodge, a large covered area where we gather in the evenings. A place where the old stories are told and heartfelt songs are sung.  It also has the best swing in the world!

Testimonials from our collaboration in 2017

Thank you for a wonderful experience. I will never forget about this. No complaints, just lots of love.
I’m changed. Thank you. I’m inspired by all of your passions, which led to me being part of the last two ridiculous and beautiful days.
Thank you! The setting, the structures, the food, the tea, the wisdom, the sharing, the laughter. I felt comfortable, yet my boundaries were stretched.
Thank you for having the courage of your conviction and doing what you do - for holding, creating and making the space for others to step into in order to play, explore, be and do. Invaluable fodder for the stuff of life.