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A precious chance to stop, think and reflect about the next steps in my transitioning organisation and my transitioning life.

we are running our two core professional programmes again in 2018:



Facilitated by Giles Hutchins and Andy Raingold, this two day immersion will explore and embody Future Fit Leadership – leadership inspired by nature, nature’s living systems and our shared humanity. It will include nature explorations, leadership workshops, facilitated discussions, private reflections, peer-to-peer sharing and an overnight solo on the longest day of the year -  helping you uncover how your leadership can transform in the months and years ahead. 

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reignite - with jonathon porritt


Led by Andy Raingold, Chloe Revill and Jonathon Porritt, this retreat draws on their 65+ years of combined experience in the field to reignite sustainability professionals’ personal leadership and drive. There will be ancient oak trees, wide open skies, rushing mountain rivers, fireside discussions and lots of laughter – supporting you to reflect, reconnect and reenergise. You will leave fired up and part of an ongoing network of peers who have shared this unique experience.

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What an amazing, unique and strong place... I will keep coming back to this as a source of inspiration.



I just love the way that Change in Nature have designed a range of different experiences, adventures and challenges in the natural world for all comers - be they deep ecologists or city slickers!
— Sir Jonathon Porritt, leading UK environmentalist


Innovation is a communicative and human-centred process, yet this can so often be boxed in by tall office buildings and familiar urban environments. It has been shown that being immersed in nature and disconnected from multi-media and technology increases creative problem-solving ability by 50% (Atchley et al, 2012). That is why leading entrepreneurs — such as Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, and Steve Jobs - have been known to take regular time off in nature to relax and clear their heads.

If you want to change the way you and your organisation do things, why not change in nature? This is the perfect place to be inspired and explore fresh perspectives, breathing new life into your professional challenges. We provide valuable space for reflection, allowing time to step back, examine progress, consider areas to develop, get fresh inspiration and celebrate achievements. All this in pristine, open and expansive environments where we create a temporary village for your team, with fire pits, sheltered spaces, compost toilets and optional glamping to provide an authentic, yet comfortable, experience in the natural world. 

Elements that can be included in our bespoke packages include:

  • Fresh thinking. Time and space for individual reflection and facilitated group discussions around a fire to stimulate fresh thinking, perspectives and strategic development. 
  • Adventures. Such as a 'Deep Time Walk' (an evocative exploration of the Earth's 4.6 billion year life story in 4.6km, with each metre representing a million years) or a secret woodland banquet. 
  • Inspiration. Hear stories and insights from a range of thought leaders and change makers. 
  • Wild activities. Traditional fire making techniques, cooking over an open fire, craftwork, bushcraft challenges, foraging, storytelling, music and more.
A time to stop, think and reflect about the next steps in my transitioning organisation and my transitioning life.
— Founder Director of one of the princes' charities


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There is increasing evidence to show that time out in nature benefits employees' wellbeing and performance. Findings include:

  • Being immersed in nature and disconnected from multi-media and technology increases creative problem-solving ability by 50% (Atchley et al, 2012)
  • Exposure to nature leads to improved cognitive functioning and mental well-being (Kaplan, 1993, 2001) 
  • Connection with nature has a significant positive effect on autonomy, personal growth, and purpose in life (Nisbet, Zelenski, & Murphy, 2011)
  • When people relate to nature they experience greater feelings of vitality, regardless of levels of exercise and social activity (Ryan et al., 2010) 
  • When immersed in a natural environment, people report feeling more connected to others and to the world around them (Terhaar, 2009) 
  • Walking in nature improves memory by up to 20% (Berman et al. 2008) 
  • Time in nature relieves stress and reduces pulse rate, blood pressure, and cortisol levels (Chiba University) 
I love that we explored such a range of ideas, sharings, processes and exercises in such a short time.
— Editor, Positive News
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To thrive in this era of increasing volatility and unpredictability, leaders must deepen their personal and organisational capacity to anticipate future trends and unleash the creative potential of their organisation. Our bespoke leadership development programmes, designed for teams within organisations, combine theory, discussion, exercises and personal reflection time. Programmes will help leaders and future leaders to:

  • Enhance their energy and drive by reconnecting work with personal values, visions and objectives 
  • Gain a greater understanding of the principles of successful leadership
  • Forge deeper, more collaborative relationships with their peers
  • Hone communication skills to better connect with colleagues and stakeholders
  • Facilitate more effective and productive meetings
  • Take greater responsibility and ownership in their roles
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What an amazing, unique and strong place... I will keep coming back to this as a source of inspiration.
— Manager, BSI Group (£330 million turnover)


navigating change


Are you making the change you want to see with your full creative potential?

We live and work in an ever more complex and rapidly changing world. The challenges seem to be getting bigger but we have less and less time to address them. It’s hard to keep up and the target is always moving. With the constant demands and pressures of the day job, we can often feel overwhelmed and lose sight of how we can best harness our talents in service to things that are of greatest meaning to us.

To perform at our full creative potential, I feel it is more vital than ever to make the space regularly to stop, question, reflect, reassess and ensure our actions are consistently in line with our highest aspirations. When was the last time you asked yourself whether you are being your most impactful and effective in all that you do? To what degree could your values be (even) more closely aligned with your roles at work and/or home? Are you continually moving towards the most authentic, purposeful, integral and courageous version of yourself at this exciting, uncertain and critical time?

I felt comfortable, yet my boundaries were stretched.

coaching with andy raingold, founder of change in nature

If this resonates with you, I can support you to identify, create and sustain personal and professional change. This will help you to uncover your deeply held values and motivations, unlock limiting assumptions and fulfil your highest aspirations. It involves seeking new insights and guidance in response to the important questions in your work and life and then setting a number of stretching goals that we work to achieve over a number of sessions. As part of this process, we can head outside into the great outdoors which can help to provide creative inspiration, shift perspectives and connect to the bigger picture in the current challenges you are facing.

my background

I perform a number of varied roles in my life, such as a coach, speaker, mindfulness practitioner, environmental campaigner, social entrepreneur, outdoor educator and group facilitator with a wealth of experience leading people through transformation. In everything I do, I seek to make a difference and am constantly challenging myself to create, learn and evolve. This has led me to run a green pressure group, lead a cancer charity, set up a nature based social enterprise, sit with hospice patients, volunteer at homeless shelters, advise environmental groups, mentor young boys, support refugees in Greece and collaborate with San Bushmen in Namibia. I bring all this experience of making big changes in my life and creating change in the lives of others into my coaching. This encompasses both the worlds of social change and business. As Executive Director of the Aldersgate Group for over seven years, I have worked with not only thought leaders, MPs and Government Ministers, but also a diverse range of executives to drive change, with clients including some of the following major brands:

A calm, conscious and skilled coach.
I’ve already recommended Andy to one of my best friends, which I think speaks for itself!
— Helen, November 2017


"You have helped me to recover and create time for myself. This is part of getting healthy and regrowing out of burnout and finding a new way of thinking about success and achievement."

"You have given me the time to strip back what is unnecessary and reflect on what is important. It’s given me perspective on where I am now, on my goals, my identity and my relationship with my surroundings... A never ending inspiration!"

"You have helped me create the change in my life I so needed and the courage to keep this journey evolving."

"Thank you for helping me to find my way back to myself after a rocky and confusing few months... This has made me whole again."

"You have helped restore a sense of balance and perspective for me. It’s reminded me of what I need to do and helped me find a broader context."

Caring. Supportive. Challenging.
— PAUL, JULY 2017