retreat to the wilds

A personal development weekend with a festival atmosphere, designed to help you decide what really matters, build relationships and work out the right next step.

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It was a really worthwhile event. Full of life, challenges, great people, fun but real moments of personal insight.

what is retreat to the wilds?

Whether you’re feeling stuck or looking to supercharge, Retreat To The Wilds is for anyone who wants to get better at life or work. We use a variety of methods across the weekend, especially developed by Sanderson Jones (Sunday Assembly)  in collaboration with Professor Guy Claxton and Dr. Mark McKergow and nature connection practices designed by Change in Nature, in a rejuvenating and wild setting, that enables you to step away from the everyday.

Learn cutting edge scientific ideas. Discover more of yourself through hearing and speaking to others. Try activities that take learning out of your head and cement it into your body. 

Friday 8th june (7pm) to sunday 10th june (3pm) 

Dartmoor national park (2h30m train from London)

(I learnt) how to believe in myself, value my strengths and not give up...
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We start the weekend by helping you examine your current life situation and figuring out what areas are lacking in fulfilment. Then we’ll grow you, stretch you, challenge you and get you ready to take your next step and build a life of fullness.

Using a variety of approaches, we’ll help you think about the way you think, explore how that makes you feel, and get clear on the actions that follow. Test the boundaries you set for yourself, strengthen your creativity and explore what makes you you, through looking at 6 core principals - OUTLOOK, BELIEFS, VALUES, YOUR NEXT STEP, YOUR PLAN AND YOUR TRIBE.




Sanderson Jones is an award winning social entrepreneur, acclaimed host (Happier World, Happy Start Up Summer Camp, Wellbeing At Work), recovering stand up comedian and co-founder of Sunday Assembly. He also once broke the World Record for the world’s longest hug. Sunday Assembly is a worldwide secular community founded in 2013. With over 70 Chapters in 6 countries, the movement is dedicated to helping people to live better, help often and wonder more.

change in nature team

Andy and Chloe. For more details, click here



  • Exclusive use of a wild and remote site in Dartmoor National Park, with cosy, covered spaces and a woodland shower
  • Facilitated discussions, workshops and experiential practices led by Sanderson and the Change in Nature team
  • Formal community support networks put in place for when you leave
  • Freshly prepared, healthy and delicious vegetarian meals - all cooked over the open fire
  • Optional meditation and movement practices
  • Opportunities to practice and be mentored on bush-craft skills
  • Night-time stories around the fire
  • Bottomless supplies of tea, coffee and tasty treats
  • A very special foraged feast
  • 2 day digital detox
  • Comprehensive insurance & outdoor first aiders on site
  • The world’s best woodland swing!

the programme


your outlook

Do you celebrate life? Do you want to? Discover tried and tested ways to help you get out of the lows and towards new highs.


your next step

Uncover the next project that expresses who you really are and what you want to see in the world.


your values

In life you are trying to fulfil your dearest values. Rediscover your own inner compass to get clear on you right next step.


your plan

Team up with others to design your own clear action plan and start to make the most important next big step for you happen – at work or at home.


your beliefs

You can only get as far as your beliefs allow, but did you choose yours? Or were they handed to you? Challenge them to unleash your full potential.


your TRIBE

Retreat to the Wilds does not end on the last day of the course. We support you to stay in touch with your new allies, online and in person.

retreat to the future

The core programme is based on Sunday Assembly's Retreat to the Future programme with additional workshops from Change in Nature designed to help you unwind, reconnect and come alive. This all takes place in a wild setting and festival atmosphere to deepen intimacy, insights and fun. 

A safe, accepting and positive space in which to explore your place in the world.


secret Location: Dartmoor national park (2h30m train from London)

We use a secluded and magical 62 acre woodland in Dartmoor National Park which is exclusively used to rewild nature and rewild people. The woods is rich in natural habitats, in badger setts, deer beds and fox dens, including an ancient beech grove, spruce forests, hazel coppice, wild flower meadows, stream and mixed broadleaves. The site is home to an abundance of wildlife and rare birds, including nightjar, wood pipits and the mythical white deer. It is the ultimate escape from modern living with no electricity, road noise or 3G, and replaced with a sky full of stars and the sound of birdsong all around and owls calling at night.   

We create a temporary village with fire pits, sheltered spaces, compost toilets, camp shower and wild camping spots to provide an authentic, yet comfortable, experience in nature. We cook all our meals over an open fire, provide a smattering of solar powered fairy lights and fetch our water from the stream. At the centre of it all is the Lodge, a large covered area where we gather in the evenings. A place where the old stories are told and heartfelt songs are sung.  It also has the best swing in the world!


You’re just ready to conquer the world afterwards.
Its just a joyful activity, its such a joyful life affirming thing to do.