space to think differently

What’s the biggest challenge your organisation is facing? Are you giving it the level of focus and attention it needs? Are you close to cracking it? Or are you going around in circles, crying out for a fresh approach? 

Grappling with today’s challenges calls for no less than bringing our most refreshed minds into the environment where they perform best. As our world gets ever faster and more complex, we desperately need more time and space for deep, creative thinking. Distracted and worn out employees talking strategy in a concrete box simply won’t cut it.

That’s why some of the most successful entrepreneurs in the world take this approach. Warren Buffet dedicates 80% of his time to just reading and thinking. Bill Gates gives himself two whole “Think Weeks” every year. And there’s a reason he spends these weeks in a remote cabin by a lake. It’s what we all know, and science now tells us – that our minds are much more receptive and creative when we’re out in nature.

Whatever it is you’re grappling with, we can help. We take teams into inspiring natural environments and help them to crack their biggest challenges using the power of refreshed, creative minds. Each programme is carefully tailored to the team and challenge concerned, but all of them draw on our tried-and-tested Think Differently process. Hundreds of people have benefitted from our programmes, from CEOs to senior sustainability professionals.  


if it works for them…

Individuals from a wide range of well known institutions have benefitted from our professional programmes:

the impact

Feedback from our Reignite Leadership Retreat 2018

  • 100% of participants felt better resourced to meet challenges at work and/or at home

  • 89% of participants formed closed personal connections in a short period of time

  • 89% of participants felt less stressed and overwhelmed

Across all our programmes in 2018:

  • 88% of participants felt a greater sense of general wellbeing

  • 85% of participants felt more practiced at listening to others perspectives without judgement

  • 80% of participants felt more inspired and creative

Thank you for this time to stop and think, and reflect deeply about the next steps in my transitioning organisation and my transitioning life.
— Executive Director, one of the Prince's Charities

the process

Our programmes are designed around the unique Change in Nature Think Differently process. At the centre of our model and all that we do is people. We believe that cracking tough challenges ultimately depends on building deep personal relationships and community around a common purpose.

1.  Open. Awareness and spaciousness. Building trust and allowing for authentic personal expression.

2.  Listen. Observe and develop empathy without judgement or solutions. Recognising complexity.

3.  Explore. Shift perspectives and discover new insights. Innovating and opening mindsets.

4.  Create. Crystallise vision and intention. Evolving and implementing.

5.  Appreciate. Acknowledge successes and celebrating failures.

Between each step we allow for regrounding - time in nature for each individual to distil and assess their personal learnings, ensuring the process is developing on a firm and grounded basis at each stage.

I will keep coming back to this place and community as a source of inspiration.
— Corporate Sustainability Manager


From glamping in secluded woodland areas of outstanding natural beauty to staying at beautiful rural cottages, our programmes are held at carefully chosen venues across the UK. Many of these are not open to the public. Once we know a bit more about your team’s culture, we can find the right venue for you.


We can offer our Think Differently programme as a day-long workshop, a 2 or 3 day immersive retreat, or as a longer change process (e.g. two 2-day retreats spaced over 6 months). It all depends on your organisation’s needs. Please get in touch with your requirements and we’ll be happy to provide a tailored quote.

What’s included?

Exclusive use of a carefully selected site // All accommodation // Facilitated discussions, workshops and experiential practices // Freshly prepared, healthy and delicious vegetarian meals.

Thank you so much for a beautifully held weekend. You gathered a really inspiring group in a perfect setting and I love that we explored such a range of ideas, sharings, processes and exercises in so short a time.
— Journalist and Editor
Reignite - Hands (High Res).jpg
A timely reminder to mix mission and purpose with a healthy dose of joy, wonder and personal connection.
— Head of International Campaign, Leading NGO

who we are

Change in Nature was created by two senior sustainability professionals who after many years of working to influence business and policy in Westminster, went on personal journeys in nature to renew their sense of purpose and drive. They set up Change in Nature to support other professionals to reenergise, reconnect and create change in their spheres of influence.  


chloe revill

Chloe helps professionals to build deep mutual understanding, and rekindle their energy and drive. She is an international climate change diplomat and public policy strategist, who has worked closely with Government Ministers and senior negotiators from a wide range of developed and developing countries. She consultants for leading think tanks such as E3G, the European Climate Foundation and Mission2020

Andy headshots_011.jpg

Andy Raingold

Andy is a coach, speaker, mindfulness practitioner, environmental campaigner and social entrepreneur with a wealth of experience leading people through transformation. As Executive Director of the Aldersgate Group for over seven years, he worked in the corridors of power with CEOs, Government Ministers and thought leaders to drive UK and EU policy change. He has written for the Guardian and been interviewed on BBC Newsnight, The Sunday Times, BBC Radio 4, The Independent and Guardian Environment Podcast.

I just love the way that Change in Nature have designed a range of different experiences, adventures and challenges in the natural world for all-comers.
— Jonathon Porritt, Author and Environmentalist