A deep enquiry in nature, hosted in collaboration with Jonathan Porritt and Forum for the Future that we hosted in 2016. This programme supports professionals to retreat into the wild with a like-minded community for 48 hours; giving them a chance to pause, take stock, refresh, reignite, and leave better able to effectively drive change, supported by new capacities, insights and networks.  

Natural leadership

We offer unique transformative leadership programmes - from overnight solos to deep nature immersion experiences - for senior executives and business teams. These draw on nature as a source of inspiration and knowledge, helping to develop personal leadership qualities and to find innovative solutions with a greater sense of clarity, purpose and action.

bespoke events 

Change in Nature hosts bespoke events and away days that foster team building and provide enriching experiences in nature. Activities may include fire making, cooking, tracking, craftwork, bushcraft challenges, foraging, storytelling, music, singing and much more. By bringing a community together in the wild, we help professionals to forge deeper relationships with others in their network and the natural world. 

 "I experienced deep community-building; rich, textured conversations; the dappled full moonlight and the dancing beech leaves; delicious food; poems; fellowship; excellent, inspiring questions; experiential learning; and openings for a more sustainable world and future."